Riso Studio was founded by internationally known destination photographer + designer Shannon. With my clients we set off on a journey of discovery together to capture the unique moments that matter, and I love to collaborate with people who have a vision, but need help bringing it into focus.  

Schooled in the art of photojournalism,  I combine a diverse background of life and travel experiences with a contemporary style approach that has successfully shaped Riso Studio over the past decade.   

Life is seen behind the camera for me in a series of timeless snapshots, perfectly framed in my mind that blend equal parts charm, panache and natural light.  My arc view to imagery was very organic, born in an old red barn in the countryside of Ireland with a master photographer as my mentor.  I began to define my pursuit of telling a story in an unobtrusive and expressive way that can be celebrated as an art form.  To capture the celebration as an arc, allows you to relive it again, and again.